Who can apply for membership to The Iranian Patriotic Army

Basically, averyone around World can apply for membership!!

By fill and Correct/Exactly bottom form.

But Rules to be a member in the Iranian Patriotic Army are:

1- Totally believes in the territorial integrity of the country, so Royal of Iran.

2- Believes the monarchy from Cyrus the Great to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi King of Kings to Aryamehr.

3- The crimes of the year 1979/(1357) Do not miss.

4- The third generation of Iranian people(The grands were/are borne/Living in Iran).

5- Full compliance with the Iranian Patriotic Army chief.

6- Done swear ceremony in front of two former member alive or in front of Skype Camera.

7- Scanned-Filled(true information) & Returned The Iranian Patriotic 


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